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  • Zirconium dioxide whole porcelain teeth not only because of its material, the equipment is expensive, but also because of its most advanced computer aided design, laser scan, and then controls grinding by computer program.


  • Zirconia tooth biocompatibility is good: zirconium dioxide is a very excellent high-tech biomaterial, better biocompatibility, better than a variety of metal alloys, including gold.


  • Zirconia teeth reliability: no metal odor, rapidly producing a micro oxide film when contacting air, water or any other electrolyte, not only avoiding metal corrosion, but also preventing metal odor production.


  • Dental Lab China tell you that the zirconium dioxide whole porcelain teeth is excellent.Successful zirconium dioxide whole porceladation tooth repair appearance is real and beautiful, rugged, color is similar in natural teeth, good biocompatibility, not stimulating oral tissue, easy to clean, can reply to the function of teeth, and have a beautiful role.


  • the refractive property is basically close to natural teeth, edge dense and precision, and excellent aesthetic effect: • Zirconia ceramics are cerium stable zirconia ceramics, with high angry strength, currently reaching 900 MPa through domestic registered materials, and the standard of national dental materials is 100MPa.


  • A large number of studies have shown that the incidence of zirconia fluffs cannot be high in conventional porcelain repair. Studies have found that the fracture of zirconia is mainly in the interior of the porcelain rather than the interface between the porcelain and the zirconia-crown.


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