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  • Dental Lab China tell you the main reason for long tooth decay. saliva secretion: under normal circumstances, the saliva has the following effects: mechanical cleaning effect; antibacterial effect; anti-acid effect;


  • So, China Dental Lab will remind you to consider comprehensive before doing porcelain teeth, but also understand that the grilled porcelain teeth are not casual, and if you have any questions, you can use the porcelain teeth to solve it. If the transcendence is used or improper operation will inevitably Brings adverse consequences.


  • China Dental Laboratory tell you how to slow the pain of the teeth. During the correction process, there is mild pain, the feeling of soreness, and does not dare to bite the hard object, which is normal, it takes a period of time to adapt.


  • First, how is the implant? From the perspective of the patient, the two processes are very close to the physiological experience of developing teeth and tooth extraction. 1, see time Under normal circumstances, unplug the teeth other than the wisdom tooth usually don't exceed dozens of minutes, but the surgery to remove the wisdom teeth generally takes dozens of minutes or even hours to end.


  • In daily life, people inevitably encounter tooth deletions, at this time, it is necessary to make teeth repair, then which repair method should I choose


  • In general, the porcelain teeth made of zirconia materials are the best porcelain teeth in China, and their materials are not shortcoming.


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