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Restorative methods of fixed dentures are often used in Chinese dental lab

1.Abutment tooth preparation: With reference to the restoration of tooth defect, when preparing the tooth according to the type of retainer, it is required that the corresponding axial surfaces of all abutments are parallel to each other, without undercut or slightly oriented? The square or incisal ends are polymerized for 2o-5o to obtain the common seating path of each retainer, and attention should be paid to enhancing the retention force of the retainer.

2. Impression and filling: It is required that the impression must be accurate, complete and clear. For casting fixed bridges and metal-porcelain bridges, double-layer silicone rubber impressions are used to take full dental impressions, anhydrite is used to fill the molds, and then a substitute needle is used to form a removable model.

3.Fixed bridge production: usually completed in the laboratory. 

4.Fixed denture try-in: try the preliminarily polished retainer on each abutment, and the retainer is required to be correctly fitted with the neck of the abutment. , the edges are stretched properly, the adjacency is good, the occlusion is coordinated, there is no warping, and the retention is good, if there is any problem, it can be polished and cemented after it is dealt with accordingly. The metal-fired porcelain bridge is tried on before glazing, and after the shape is trimmed and the occlusion is adjusted, the glazing is cemented.

5. China Dental Lab Doctor's advice: The patient is instructed to fast within 2 hours after cementation, not to chew hard food with a fixed bridge within 24 hours, and to make an appointment for a review if necessary.
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