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china dental lab popularization of knowledge about the prevention of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is one of the two most common diseases of the oral cavity. Therefore, the prevention of periodontal disease is very important. Generally speaking, the prevention of periodontal disease can be carried out in five aspects:

1. Develop good oral hygiene habits

⑴. Brush your teeth twice a day carefully and effectively, and pay special attention to removing plaque from teeth and edges;

2. Use dental floss and other cleaning appliances to remove plaque on the adjacent surfaces of teeth;

2. Eat healthy food, such as meat, eggs, soy products, dairy products, various vegetables and fruits, etc.

3. Smoking is an aggravating factor for periodontal disease, and smoking cessation is advocated

4. Self-awareness of periodontal disease

⑴. There is blood on the toothbrush when brushing teeth, and blood on the food when biting food, indicating gingivitis;

2. When you look in the mirror, you find that your teeth are red and swollen, and they bleed when you touch them, indicating gingivitis;

3. The teeth are loosened to varying degrees, the roots of the teeth are exposed or the gums are swollen and pus, indicating that periodontitis has developed;

⑷. Bad breath means periodontitis.

Slight gingival bleeding is an indication of early gingivitis. At this time, brushing should not be stopped, but it is advisable to use a soft-bristled toothbrush for brushing, and warm salt water can be used for brushing water. Continue rinsing with warm salt water for a few minutes after each brushing. If there is still bleeding gums after a week, you should seek a dental checkup and treatment in time.

5. china dental lab  Remind you to check regularly

⑴, regular oral examination, preferably once every 6 months;

2. Regular scaling (that is, teeth cleaning). Doctors use special instruments to remove the calculus attached to the teeth, no less than once a year. For patients with periodontal disease, it is recommended to clean their teeth once a quarter or half a year.

(3) Early diagnosis and early treatment.
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