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Zirconium dioxide material


At present, a common fake tent material is also known as polycrystalline ceramics. Features is to cover a strong color, even if it is rooted, it is also possible to consider using zirconium dioxide crown. On the other hand, the zirconia material is high, so the overall strength is also relatively good, but the disadvantage is that the price is expensive!

It is understood that both of them are characteristic and distinguished, and it is not difficult to find that both have their own advantages and more suitable areas. In addition, the overall price of glass ceramic deck will be slightly lower than the zirconium oxide crown, but the price is only a reference.

If the permeability glass ceramic repair is on the back teeth, it may cause long before it faces the absence of the dish, if the economic conditions allow, the front teeth rehabilitation is not a problem, after all, overall situation For it, Dental Lab China tell you that zirconium dioxide is also a comparison of comprehensive materials.
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