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Use of glass ceramics

Many friends who are facing, embossed, and crown will encounter selective problems, what materials choose? Especially from the name you hear from the doctor's mouth, you really can't understand, especially the difference between glass ceramic and zirconia. What is the difference between these? Which one is better? Today, China Dental Laboratory will take you to understand the glass ceramics.

Generally, glass ceramics is used as a denture of teeth, basically in the front teeth, especially in the front teeth. Because very superior transparency can be done, it is true that others can't see that it is true tooth or fake teeth, but the hardness is general.
But because of this very good transparent, there is a shortcomings, that is, can't cover your teeth. If the color of its own teeth is yellow, or there is a very high tetracycline tooth, the glass ceramics have no way to achieve all the covered effects.
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