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Metal porcelain teeth


Can China Dental Laboratory tell you which tooth porcelain teeth, how to distinguish?

Metal porcelain teeth because of its strength, the recovery chewing is better, and it is popular with patients, but it also has a big shortcoming, that is, the color problem.

Metallic substrate of the metal porcelain teeth can easily oxidize the formation of gray oxides, causing gums on the gums, affecting the appearance, while having a strong irritating gums, some patients install metal porcelain teeth, gums, allergies, etc. Phenomenon, it is difficult to achieve aesthetics and comfortable demand.

Metal allocariac teeth have a metal substrate, so it is necessary to cover the color with a shading tile, so that the whole porcelain crown produces a certain degree of obstruction of the light. Despite this, it is still unable to cover the tooth gray, so it is very affected Beautiful view of teeth.
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