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Can you wear a tooth in what state?

Mouth GCan you wear a tooth in what state?

1, such as periodontitis, plaque, and teeth, stacked tooth ginger, oppressed gums swelling, there may be bloating the gums, at this time, the gums are more sensitive, and wear tooth caskets will bleed, generally must first treat, wash The dirty of the teeth was removed, and then scraped the tooth stones around the roots, with Kin Gualyan mouthwash, antibacterial, until the inflammation saved.

2, when the area of the dental defect is not large, the inlay repair can be considered after the root canal, which is grinded to the dental portion. It is directly embedded, so the chew will be more precise, but the adaptation surface is narrow than the porcelain tooth. Meet the residual crown and repair it regularly after repair, avoiding the removal of the repair.
Dental Lab China remind you that you can wear augment for a long time, if you can install the embedded.
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