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Method for Protecting Teeth

China Dental Laboratory tell you how to protect the teeth: We must know that the plaque is the chief culprit, and the light brushing is unable to completely remove the plaque and oral bacteria. The toothbrush is unable to brush to the depth of the teeth, in addition, in the most inside tooth, the toothbrush can not be brushed, sometimes we brush your teeth, it is difficult to brush inside the tooth, so that the small food residue will stay in the toothbrush If you have never hitted, you can breed harmful bacteria.

1. Swiss Jurei: Swiss EMS Plus erythritol sandblasting powder is a strong "weapon", which is more effective to remove the number of plaques in plaques. Killer.

2. Coatheram: 50% ~ 70% of the caries incidence, which is equivalent to putting a layer of protective clothing for the baby's teeth, and can also play a strong teeth, reducing allergies, to reverse the role of early dental caries. According to authoritative institutions, when the baby has a long first tooth (about 6 months), the parents will take the child to see the dentist, and the doctor is judged whether to coat the fluoro. Usually, it can be applied for half a year. If the child's decay tooth decay, it is recommended to check every 3 months.

3. Control to eat sugar frequency: Candy will make the oral cavity in an acid environment, which is conducive to the breeding of the bacteria, which will increase the probability of dental caries. Therefore, parents should reduce the number of children to eat sugar. After eating, we must have a timely mouth, brush your teeth.

4. Reasonable diet: eat more vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium food, such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, tofu, shrimp skin, pineapple, carrot, sweet potato, green pepper, hawthorn, persimmon, sand fruit, etc. You can also eat more shrimp, kelp, sea bream, etc.
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