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Dietary Harm

China Dental Laboratory tell you the dangers of long-fed teeth.

1. Effective growth development: Dikating is an important chewing organ of children, to reduce chewing function, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption, which in turn affects children's nutritional intake and growth and development.

2, leading to facial malformation: After the tooth decay, the functional stimulation of the maxillary is not conducive to the normal development of the maxillofacial portion, which may result in facial deformity.

3, affecting the beautiful and pronunciation: the oral cavity has the effect of converting the sound into normal pronunciation. If the teeth are not uniform, it cannot be effectively stored at the breath, the airflow will affect the pronunciation, which will affect the beauty, so that children have inferior psychology.

4, causing constant teeth Meng out time abnormal: The value of the milk is to generate a reserved gap in the constant teeth, and generate a certain induction effect, if the deciduous teeth cause the farmost diameter reduction or premature loss, it is easy to cause constant teeth Time is abnormal, dental deformation, etc.
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