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How to Slow the Pain of the Teeth

China Dental Laboratory tell you how to slow the pain of the teeth.
During the correction process, there is mild pain, the feeling of soreness, and does not dare to bite the hard object, which is normal, it takes a period of time to adapt. When the teeth are uncomfortable, don't chew the hard food, so as not to exacerbate, but proper chewing soft food can relieve pain, shortened immunity.

In addition, during the tooth correction, due to the interference of the correction device, the brush teeth is a lot of inconvenience, which is also a source of pain, but maintains good oral hygiene during the correction process. Good oral hygiene not only prevents other dental diseases, but also helps to correct the effect.

If the oral hygiene remains improper, it is easy to cause gingivitis, dental caries, and even develop into periodontitis. What can even lead to corrective treatment, and the correct way to brush the teeth during correction is also an important way to mitigate pain.

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