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What is the Implantation?

What is the implantation? China Dental Lab tell you.
From the perspective of the patient, the two processes are very close to the physiological experience of developing teeth and tooth extraction.
1, see time
Under normal circumstances, unplug the teeth other than the wisdom tooth usually don't exceed dozens of minutes, but the surgery to remove the wisdom teeth generally takes dozens of minutes or even hours to end. For a manual implant surgery, according to the number of implants and the complexity of the patient's diarotic bone, it is generally taken for several tens minutes to a few hours.
In this regard, patients with teeth and tooth teeth need to take a few hours in this process. Ah, hurts.
2, pain does not hurt
Many people are afraid to see doctors because they are afraid of pain, and the toothache does not hurt.
Tooth and planting teeth In the process, doctors will play a pharmaceutical, in the local anesthesia, after the anesthetic drug for extraction (about one hour from injection acne), there will be slight pain at the wound, this pain is slight, this pain is slightly Basically negligible. Third, four days after the extraction, the people will have pain, and the gum creation is accompanied by redness, which is normal postoperative reaction.
Patients with implantation only suffer a slight pain in anesthetic, belonging to minimally invasive surgery. The pain will not feel pain during the surgery, according to the individual response, there may be a painful feeling within two or three days after surgery, but it is completely within the scope of it, does not need to rest, and does not affect work. .
It seems that it is the most expensive doctor who is going out and put it in, and the patient feels almost. You can resist the pain of losing a tooth, and you can affirm minimally invasive surgery of planting teeth.
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