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Dental Repair Method

In daily life, people inevitably encounter tooth deletions, at this time, it is necessary to make teeth repair, then which repair method should I choose?

China Dental Lab tell you something three fixes.

1) The first is the traditional activity denture, that is, doing one to several dentures, hanging two snacks on the abrationable tooth on the lack of the teeth, so there will be a foreign body, and it is necessary to pick every day. Cleaning it, it is more troublesome.

2) The second is the repair of the porcelain bridge, and there is a need to grind the natural teeth on both sides of the lack of teeth. On the top of the porcelain bridge, this way is to make the healthy tooth grind, and being grinded The dental tissue cannot be regenerated.

3) The third is to plant teeth. It is really like a seed "species" in the sultrole bone, which is also very mature, widely used.
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