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Zirconia Low Radiation

Low radiation

Zirconia is a naturally occurring zircon. Medical zirconia has been cleaned and treated, and the penetration depth of a small amount of α-ray residue remaining in zirconia is very small, only 60 microns.
Dental Lab China reminds you that medical zirconia has been cleaned and treated.

2. Large density, high strength, no metal inner crown

The unique anti-cracking resistance and the tough curing performance after cracking can make a porcelain bridge above 6 units, which solves all the issues of all all-ceramic systems that cannot be long bridge. Although there is no metal support, it has high strength, the refractive property is basically close to natural teeth, edge dense and precision, and excellent aesthetic effect:
Zirconia ceramics are cerium stable zirconia ceramics, with high angry strength, currently reaching 900 MPa through domestic registered materials, and the standard of national dental materials is 100MPa.
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