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Zirconia Fracture Mainly Occurs Inside the Porcelain

A large number of studies have shown that the incidence of zirconia fluffs cannot be high in conventional porcelain repair. Studies have found that the fracture of zirconia is mainly in the interior of the porcelain rather than the interface between the porcelain and the zirconia-crown.

Three main causes of collapse of the porcelain:
• Poor design of the crown, topical surface decorations;
• Temperature control is not based on standards when sintering is sintered, such as rapid cooling;
• There is no reasonable treatment after the doctor jaw, such as the glazing sintering, or standard three-step polishing, etc. ... This is a must step.

(China Dental Laboratory reminds you to completely avoid the above three reasons . Please choice of regular hospitals and experienced doctors. Can be assured!)

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