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How does the tooth break every day? After reading it, I was shocked!

Bad habits ruin your teeth
One sin: sweets
Sugar is a corrosive agent, it is easy to cause dental caries, and can stay in the mouth for a long time after eating. After eating sweets, food residues tend to accumulate in the gaps between teeth and gums, gradually forming rancid and harmful substances. Long-term retention of this substance will corrode tooth enamel, easily form dental caries and cause cavities.
Two deadly sins: alcoholism
Alcohol will erode tooth enamel, and long-term drinking will corrode the protective layer of teeth, making it more sensitive to hot, sour, sweet and other foods. Among them, drinking red wine is easy to cause spots on the teeth.
Three deadly sins: drink
Beverage carbohydrates and acidic substances, these two types of substances are the biggest natural enemies of tooth enamel. Continuously "soaking" teeth in beverages will accelerate tooth decay.
Four deadly sins: smoking
Smoking will not only make teeth black and yellow, but its harmful substances will irritate the oral cavity, causing red and swollen gums, forming periodontal pockets and calculus, resulting in various periodontal diseases and loose teeth. Smoking reduces the amount of immunoglobulin in saliva, leading to a decline in oral resistance.
Five deadly sins: incomplete cleaning

Many people only brush their teeth once a day, and each brushing is a hasty problem. The dentist said that too short brushing time, too few times, and sloppy brushing will greatly increase the risk of dental plaque and dental caries.

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