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How long can dental implants last? How many years can dental implants be used?

Dental implant refers to a way of restoration of missing teeth based on the lower structure implanted in the bone tissue to support and retain the upper dental restoration. It can obtain a restoration effect that is very similar to the function, structure and aesthetics of the natural tooth. , Has become the preferred repair method for more and more patients with missing teeth.

The advantages of dental implants are very obvious, but the disadvantage is that the price is not cheap. Many patients worry that the teeth will be broken after spending money to grow their teeth. So, how long can dental implants generally last?

In fact, in theory, dental implants can be used for a lifetime, but the length of life is related to many factors:

1. Different dental implant systems:

The choice of dental implant system will affect the life of dental implants. The implant system has strict requirements and standards in terms of production technology, shape design, connection mode, processing accuracy, superstructure, and sterilization packaging. Different planting systems and materials have different effects.

2. The condition of the tooth itself:

The service life of dental implants is also related to the patient’s own oral conditions. If the teeth around the dental implants have gingivitis, dental caries, etc., if they are not in the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, the dental tissues around the dental implants will be affected by inflammation, resulting in dental implants. Loose.

3. Doctor's technical level and experience:

Dentist is a lifelong learning profession, and as more patients are treated, the more experienced surgeons are, the more precise control of implant surgery and restoration techniques will be.

4. Post-maintenance:

Dental implants are not permanent. After implanting the teeth, patients need to do daily oral cleaning and care to reduce the damage to the gums and gums, and go to regular dental hospitals for regular dental cleaning and dental implant inspections.

The first known patient in human history to undergo dental implant surgery, the dental implant can still be used normally until his death, more than 50 years. On the premise that all aspects of dental implants are satisfied and the patient's postoperative maintenance can be done well, dental implants may be used for a long time or even for life.

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