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Common sense of oral and dental care

1、There are several ways to whiten teeth
One is washing teeth, which can wash away dental calculus and remove surface pigments. It has a very obvious effect on acquired yellow and black teeth. The ceramic veneer method is an aristocratic method of improving yellow teeth. The teeth are ground off the outer layer, and then the mold is inverted. After the veneer is made according to the model, the veneer is fixed on the tooth surface by bonding technique, which looks realistic and beautiful. Another method is live tooth bleaching, which is to bleach the pigments in the teeth with a potion. This method is cheap and simple, but the effect on tetracycline teeth is not lasting, and it often returns to its original state after a few months

2 、Key measures to maintain dentition
A tooth with three different mouths may be more beautiful than a yellow tooth, with more orthotics and fixed braces. The principle is to use wire springs to exert pressure on the teeth, forcing the teeth to move to the predetermined correct position. If you are worried that the mouthful of metal wire will affect your appearance, you can choose porcelain braces and transparent rubber pads, or you can put the braces on the back of the teeth, but the technical requirements are more and the cost will be more expensive. After diagnosis and treatment by the dentist, orthodontics can be performed if there is no tooth decay or periodontal disease. It may be very painful and affect eating and speaking at first, but it can adapt in a short time. During the correction process, oral hygiene is very important. If you don't clean it well, be careful that your teeth are completely decayed. Orthopedics are only temporary, but the results can be permanent. It is worth the time, money and patience to get a neat set of teeth and self-confidence. But you must be mentally prepared, otherwise it will only waste time and money.

3、The correct method of brushing your teeth can make teeth cleaning twice the result with half the effort

Each tooth has five faces, namely, cheek, tongue, bite, and two adjacent faces. These five faces can only be brushed in place if they are all-round. This requires that the method of brushing teeth is in place and the equipment is up to standard. The bristles of the health toothbrush do not exceed three rows, the hole spacing is not less than 1.5 mm, and the diameter of the nylon wire is not more than 0.3 mm. The brush head is short and narrow. It is suitable for twisting the upper and lower brushes, and the bristles are jagged. The correct method is to vibrate and sweep up and down, repeating each part 5-6 times. Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening and rinsing your mouth after meals should become a habit. This is the only way to keep your mouth clean for a long time.

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