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What you don’t know about the oral cavity

Brush your teeth for no less than 2 minutes.
Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, at least twice a day, and change your toothbrush every three months.
Before seeing a doctor, wipe off lipstick or lipstick.
Otherwise, it will rub against the doctor's gloves, or even stain the teeth and gums, which will affect the doctor's color diagnosis.

The oral cavity predicts the health of the whole body.
The mouth affects all other parts of the body. If there are gum problems, the prevalence of heart disease is 4 times higher than that of ordinary people. If the first molar is relatively short and has pain from time to time, it indicates digestive problems.
Stop the pain medicine before seeing the teeth.
Some people often take medicines such as aspirin, but it can cause you to bleed heavily during tooth extraction.

Bleeding gums are severe.
Bleeding gums are signs of inflammation, and it is likely that you have already developed an infection.
Eating sugar does not necessarily cause tooth decay.

As long as you clean the sweets in time, there is no big problem. Moreover, a balanced diet is the key to a healthy smile. For example, often skipping meals can cause excessive acidity in the mouth, causing tooth decay and gum problems.

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