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I always get a toothache after setting up my dentures. Why?

1. Fixed dentures cause toothache

When fixing restorations such as crowns and fixed bridges, it may be necessary to cut the teeth during the manufacturing process. The adhesive material when wearing the dentures can also irritate the gums and cause allergic pain. This kind of pain should be careful to avoid hot and cold irritation. It usually disappears after a few days. If it persists, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor will make further judgments based on your specific symptoms.

2. Toothache caused by removable dentures

The edge of the movable denture is bound to contact the surrounding alveolar, mucous membrane and other tissues. If the edge stretches too much, it will cause abrasion of the above-mentioned parts. At the same time, if the snap ring of the movable denture is too tight or the force is uneven, it will also cause pain in the abutment, and even cause the abutment to eat or periodontal disease. Therefore, the prolonged toothache after inserting dentures should not be taken lightly, and it is necessary to ask the doctor to help the treatment again.

Third, long-term wearing causes mucosal congestion, redness, ulcers

After wearing dentures for a long time, alveolar absorption and denture sinking are also prone to occur, and the mucosa at the corresponding alveolar mucosa appears congestion, swelling, ulcers and other injuries. If these situations occur, you should postpone your tooth wearing and go to the hospital for treatment in time. If mucosal tissue tenderness and denture warping due to unbalanced occlusion, it can be resolved by adjusting the occlusal relationship. But do not grind and modify it yourself, so as not to damage the dentures.

In addition to the above reasons, carelessness of patients in daily life is also one of the reasons for denture toothache, such as using dentures to bite hard objects, etc. In addition, poor denture quality may also cause toothache.

In short, the causes of toothache after installing dentures cannot be generalized. If it depends on the specific situation, please choose a regular dental hospital and experienced dentist for dental implants. This is the fundamental guarantee for successful dental implants without discomfort.

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