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People who have corrected their teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay than ordinary people?

"People who have straightened teeth are more likely to get tooth decay than others." Is this true?
Experts said that the process of correction itself will not cause tooth decay, but orthodontics will wear an appliance during the orthodontic treatment, and it is indeed more prone to tooth decay than others during the orthodontic process.
After the orthodontic treatment is over, the teeth with the appliance removed will not cause dental caries. During the correction process, the appliance is in the oral cavity and requires an adhesive to fix it on the tooth enamel. The acid-etched enamel area around these appliances is relatively more prone to tooth decay.

A large proportion of the people undergoing orthodontic treatment are children between 12 and 13 years old. They are in adolescence and it is difficult to clean their teeth in place. People who do not wear orthodontics can easily get worm teeth if they do not pay attention to brushing their teeth.

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