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Why does toothache worsen at night

The reasons why teeth are more painful at night than during the day are:
1. Acute pulpitis:
Toothache at night is often caused by acute pulpitis. It is mainly clinically manifested as spontaneous pain, that is, when there is no incentive, there will be sudden bursts of pain, and the pain will increase at night, and the patient cannot be located, that is, it is divided. It is not clear which side of the pain is, and at the same time, the pain will increase under the stimulation of cold and heat.
2. Position problems:
Patients with acute pulpitis usually sit or stand during the day and lie down at night. The fluid in inflammation and the fluid in the periodontal pouch will flow and accumulate due to different positions, which will increase the pressure and increase the pain. , So it hurts at night than during the day.
3. Psychological factors:

Tooth pain is basically manifested in the worsening of the pain at night. The quiet environment around the night and the overall relaxed state of the patient will be obvious if the body is slightly uncomfortable. Toothache is especially obvious. When we lie down, the pressure in the teeth will increase a lot in the inflammatory state. Therefore, it is common for dental pain to worsen at night, including night pain.

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