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Why Do Dentists Recommend Zirconia Porcelain Teeth?


Let me tell you a common sense: the dentist recommends that you choose zirconia all-ceramic teeth is actually your long-term consideration.

Therefore, when most dental patients choose to do metal braces and full ceramic braces, most dentists will recommend choosing a reliable zirconia ceramic tooth that does not affect magnetic resonance and does not affect CT.

For a long time, porcelain teeth have been a fast and effective method of tooth restoration. However, the metal ions of metal porcelain teeth can cause adverse reactions to the human body, such as darkening of the gums, bleeding and shrinking of the gums.
Due to the existence of the metal inner crown, its light transmittance, color and shape are completely different from those of natural teeth, and will produce a blue-gray effect under the action of light.

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