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Which is better for movable dentures and fixed dentures?

Teeth are the gateway to health. The loss of teeth not only affects the chewing function, but also affects the aesthetics. It is necessary to repair it in time. There are two ways to install dentures: one is fixed and the other is movable. So, which restoration method should you choose after tooth loss? These two kinds of dentures have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice is mainly based on the number of missing teeth in the oral cavity and the health of the existing teeth.

Fixed denture: In medicine, it is called a fixed tooth or a fixed bridge. It uses the good teeth on both adjacent sides of the missing tooth gap to fix the denture on it. Just as the bridge must have a solid foundation, the patient cannot take it and wear it by himself. The manufacturing method of this kind of denture is to grind off a part of the abutment at both ends (the basic tooth), then make a metal crown sleeve on the abutment, and then use another metal rod to connect the two ends, the middle is plastic tooth. It has the advantages of small size, comfort, no foreign body sensation, easy to get used to after being put into the mouth; chewing function is greater than that of movable dentures. The disadvantage is that the conditions of the abutments at both ends are better. Many abutments have to be ground during preparation, which is time-consuming and requires higher preparation conditions for doctors. Some of these teeth made by doctors certainly fail to meet scientific standards. Some people often do not welcome fixed dentures due to the soreness caused by molar teeth. In addition, a metal crown on a fixed tooth is unsightly, and there should not be too much loss of teeth. One or two teeth are preferably missing. At present, porcelain teeth are widely developed in China, and the color is very ideal, but the cost is relatively high.

Movable denture: It is a kind of prosthesis that uses plastic as a base, supports mucous membrane and bone tissue, and relies on the retainer and base of the denture, which can be freely taken and worn, so it is called a movable denture. It is composed of dentures on the base and elastic metal clasps. The chewing pressure it bears is not completely borne by the adjacent teeth on both sides, and part of it is borne by the gums and alveolar bone at the missing teeth. Therefore, movable dentures can be installed even when the adjacent teeth at both ends are not too strong. It has the advantages of simpler operation, fewer molars, better appearance than metal crowns, easy acceptance by patients, and dentures that can be taken off for washing, which is conducive to oral hygiene. "Live teeth" have a wide range of applications and can repair more missing teeth, ranging from missing one tooth to several or even full teeth. Its disadvantage is that it takes a long time to get used to it after installation, and it takes a long time to get used to it. Conditionally can choose casting-steel support. This technology is also a new business that has been developed in recent years like porcelain. It is characterized by relatively comfortable, easy to wear, short discomfort period, and the disadvantage is high cost. Another new method is invisible dentures, which do not use metal clasps and use elastic special plastics similar to the color of gums as retainers. In recent years, it has also been developed in some areas of my country. In short, dentures must be installed after tooth loss. Its main purpose is to restore the chewing function and physiological function, and to avoid the displacement of other teeth. As for the beauty, it is second. To achieve these goals, there must be a scientific choice of mounting methods, and it must be based on the specific conditions of the patient to determine whether to install fixed dentures or movable dentures.

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