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Do you think that missing teeth only affect the value of your face?

Have you done the recent super hot test? Take out your index finger against your nose and chin. It is said that if the nose and chin can be connected in a straight line without touching the lips, then you are a beautiful woman.
If you can't connect into a straight line without obstacles, then you are like this
Still like this
Both of these are signs of unhealthy teeth
In addition to these two
The problem in this picture below
Are some common dental malformations
Some people think that bad-looking teeth only affect the appearance, but they don’t know that it will cause harm to other parts of the body more seriously.
The dangers of tooth deformities
Crowded teeth --- It causes many dead corners to be difficult to clean, easy to accumulate plaque and stones, causing caries and gum periodontal inflammation.
Sparse dentition --- It is not easy to chew, and it will cause the teeth to loosen and fall out after a long time.
Deep overbite---not only aesthetic problems, some severe deep overbite patients, when clenching their teeth, only the upper front teeth can be seen from the front, the lower front teeth are completely covered, and the lower front teeth often bite into the upper jaw and palate On the side mucosa.
Reverse jaw---In addition to aesthetic problems, it can cause dysfunctions such as chewing and pronunciation. If it is caused by abnormal bony jaws, it is often treated with orthognathic surgery.
Opening the jaw --- will cause the upper and lower front teeth to be unable to cut and bite the food, the speech leaks, and the mouth cannot be closed tightly.
Deviated jaw --- There will be clinical features of chin deflection. In severe cases, it will cause severe bilateral facial asymmetry and jaw relationship disorder, which affects appearance, chewing, and pronunciation.
Opposite blade --- In addition to the severe wear of the teeth, it also has a great impact on the aesthetics.
After understanding the hazards of tooth deformities, everyone knows the importance of having a good tooth!
If you want to improve the condition of your teeth, you need to correct them through orthodontics. So what are your common concerns about orthodontics?
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