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What should I do if my teeth are rotten to the roots?

Digital Dental Lab China the study The main cause of rotten tooth roots

Tooth decay is the main cause of decayed tooth roots. Do not pay attention to oral hygiene, do not brush your teeth on time, etc., causing oral bacteria to multiply and form tooth decay;

People do not pay attention to tooth decay and ignore it, which will cause the worse the teeth to become worse. From small black spots at the beginning to shallow cavities, then the decay will continue to develop and the teeth will become brittle due to nerve necrosis. The hard tissues will gradually fall off, and only the roots will be left in the end!

Do you want to extract the roots of rotten teeth?

»The crown has only rotted a little bit:

There is no spontaneous pain, which stimulates pain, most of which have blackening, that is, black caries. The blackened part is rubbed off and then repaired.

»A third of the crown is rotten:

Basically, the pulp has been rotten, and root canal treatment is done, and then the teeth are filled, refilled, and then filled with resin.

»More than half of the crown is rotten:

The defect is serious, and there must have been a painful period, and the dental pulp has been necrotic. If the doctor's examination of the root is still useful, it is possible to fill it after root canal treatment, and then piling and inserting the porcelain tooth. If the root of the tooth fails, just pull it out and restore it.

»No crown above the gums (i.e. residual root):

This can only extract the root of the tooth. Not pulling is a "time bomb" buried in the mouth, ready to "explode" at any time.

Which tooth roots must be extracted?

① The root of the tooth is shorter and smaller, so pull it out decisively! ! !

② If the root of the tooth is severely loosened, pull it out decisively! ! !

③ The root of the tooth is hidden under the gum, decisively pull it out! ! ! (Even the crown lengthening surgery can not show the root of the tooth)

"Time bomb" in the mouth?

Residual roots can easily cause traumatic ulcers:

The irregular and sharp shape of the residual roots can easily cause damage to the adjacent gums/oral mucosa and soft tissues and form traumatic ulcers. If not treated in time, continuous adverse irritation may cause the ulcers to become malignant and form oral cancer;

Residual roots can cause inflammation of the root tip for a long time:

Residual crown, residual root and tooth pulp cavity are exposed to the bacterial environment of the oral cavity. Bacteria can reach the root tip through the root canal and form periapical inflammation. If not treated in time, it can further develop into periapical granuloma Even the apical cyst, which causes greater damage to the jaw;

Easy to impact food, bacterial growth affects oral health:

Food impaction for a long time will make the residual roots and crowns become a place for bacteria to breed and multiply, thus forming a source of infection and causing oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Therefore, after the inspection, it is determined that the residual root/crown remains of no value after treatment. Then, please "unplug" it as soon as possible. Then use the correct method to restore the missing teeth.

How to restore missing teeth?

①Repair of movable dentures

Use surrounding teeth as support

The dentures are fixed by the snap ring, which has a wide application range

cheap price;

②Fixed crown and bridge repair

Instant porcelain teeth

Two healthy adjacent teeth on the left and right sides of missing teeth as abutments

Repair missing teeth through tower bridge

③ Dental implant restoration

Is a kind of implanted in bone tissue

Support based on substructure

Restoration of missing teeth for the upper restoration of the retained upper teeth

Dental implants are known as after deciduous teeth and permanent teeth

The third set of human teeth

It is also recognized as the preferred repair method in the dentistry community

Because of its independent root, the appearance and chewing ability comparable to real teeth

Has become everyone's first choice
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