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Why is the gap between the teeth getting bigger and bigger?

I often hear someone say: "Don't wash your teeth. Washing your teeth will wash the gaps between the teeth." Others say: "Don't use dental floss. If you use too much, the gaps between the teeth will become bigger." Then there are people who say, "Chong It’s good to run out of teeth, but it will enlarge the gap between the teeth." Let me tell you the truth.

The China Dental Laboratory reminds everyone to clean up the debris in the teeth in time, which is helpful to the neatness of the teeth

Normal and healthy gums are filled with gums between teeth. From the cross-sectional view, you will see that there are actually some small gaps, but they are well supported by the gums and periodontal tissues.

In patients with periodontitis, there are large gaps between the teeth, and the gums are swollen and shrinking, exposing the roots of the teeth. From the cross-sectional view, there is obvious atrophy of the gums and periodontal tissue, and the absorption of bone is also very obvious.

Maybe there are still people who are entangled, then what is the empty middle of the teeth after the teeth washing? Did you grind your teeth down? In fact, dental calculus is washed away by washing your teeth. Simply speaking, lower dental calculus is probably caused by the long-term retention of calcified substances formed by oral food residues. It is not as hard as teeth, but it is harder than gums. The hazards of dental calculus, in layman's terms, you imagine you rub a piece of pork with a stone every day, what will happen in the end? Therefore, most of the redness and swelling of your gingivitis come from the persecution of dental calculus. It's not too late to make up for it. From now on, you should pay attention to the health of your gums and prevent the gap between the teeth from growing.

Oral health is one of the ten major standards of human health determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), and it is a mirror that reflects human health and quality of life. WHO defines the main characteristics of oral health as clean teeth, no caries, no pain, normal gum color, and no bleeding.
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