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How can I make my teeth as white as a star?

Watching the stars on the TV screen since childhood, there will always be a common idea: Why are their teeth so white? Does every scout give priority to white teeth when digging stars? Therefore, there are many patients who come to the hospital to consult a doctor, can they make their teeth as white as celebrities?

China Dental Laboratorys reminds everyone to brush their teeth in the morning and evening

In fact, anyone who has had a bit of knowledge will know that the reason why the teeth of stars are so white is almost always made some "packaging" the day after tomorrow. Human teeth are pale yellow. Due to the different degrees of developmental calcification, some are whiter and some are slightly yellower, all of which are within the normal range.
If there are no special professional needs, it is recommended to go with the flow, and insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and washing your teeth once a year if necessary. Keeping the oral cavity clean and healthy is the most important thing.

Regarding the dental paste, the effect is not consolidated and may cause damage to the teeth and dental pulp. It is recommended not to be used. Porcelain teeth can make teeth white, but there are gains and losses. We should weigh the pros and cons and think twice before proceeding. Just to change the color of the teeth and cause permanent damage to the tooth tissue is not worth the loss.

At present, the methods of tooth whitening include cold light whitening, porcelain teeth, resin veneers, porcelain veneers, and all-ceramic teeth. Which method is suitable for you can go to a regular dental hospital to communicate with the doctor, and finally determine the plan.
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