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Stomatology is not simple and completely parallel to clinical medicine. Do you know all this knowledge?

Is a dentistry major equal to a dentist? I believe many people will subconsciously think that the most suitable profession in this profession is dentist, right, this idea is definitely wrong. Although a large part of the dental profession is related to teeth, there are also many courses that are not related to teeth, mainly related to the treatment and diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases. Stomatology and clinical medicine are two completely parallel majors, and there are also 5+3, 8-year and other application types. Today, let’s talk about the specialty of stomatology specifically, waiting for your research and research from the content of learning, the opening of colleges and universities, and employment.

Courses of study: The courses taken by students majoring in stomatology in the first two years of undergraduate studies are very similar to those of clinical medicine. They must take courses in basic medicine, and then start to learn the basics of stomatology in the last two years or the next year. And courses. Students generally study oral anatomy and physiology, oral histopathology, oral internal medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral prosthetics and so on. Specific schools will have slightly different courses according to the majors they offer, including the length of training. From the perspective of the educational system, there are other educational systems besides the most conventional five-year undergraduate program. At present, there are mainly three-year colleges, 5+3 integration and 8-year stomatology.

The school year system is different: the three-year vocational college is the same as other specialties. You can graduate after completing three years of studies. The last year is an internship. You can only go to the practicing assistant doctor qualification certificate, and you can go two years after obtaining the assistant doctor qualification. Participate in the qualification examination for practicing physicians. The integration of 5+3 is a five-year undergraduate and three-year master's degree. After successfully graduating, in addition to the undergraduate and master’s degree certificates, you can also get the doctor’s qualification certificate and the training certificate. Compared with five-year students, the advantage is that they can be graduate students without examinations, of course, they must meet the periodic examinations during the period. The eight-year program belongs to the university. We can obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate of the university. However, he does not have a training certificate. After graduation, he will get a training certificate in the unified standard.

Employment units: There are private dental clinics and hospitals, including the dentistry departments of public hospitals below the county level in undeveloped areas. Everyone knows that the hospitals have a duty schedule, and some doctors have to work night shifts for leukoplakia, and our stomatology students You don’t need to be on night shift, just get off work when you get off work. In fact, after a certain number of years, qualifications and techniques are mature, and if you have money, you can choose to open a clinic yourself.
Recommended universities for stomatology: West China School of Stomatology at Sichuan University, School of Stomatology at Peking University, Air Force Military Medical University, School of Stomatology at Wuhan University, Guanghua School of Stomatology at Sun Yat-Sen University, School of Stomatology at Capital Medical University, Nanjing Medical Department The School of Stomatology at the University and the School of Stomatology at China Medical University are all very good.

Pay attention to two details when applying for the exam. The first is not to confuse the two majors of stomatology and stomatology technology. Every year, people step on the pit. Stomatology training is a dental technician. The main job is to make dentures. You can't get a doctor's license to become a doctor. The second is stomatology. Since most of the treatment instruments and most of the medical devices are designed for right-handed use, individual colleges and universities who have left-handed habits have clear rules not to use them.
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