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Missing teeth, still hesitating to repair?

Small teeth have a huge effect. The pronunciation cannot be separated from it, chewing cannot be separated from it, and beauty cannot be separated from it, but many people ignore the effort of teeth. I started to regret not protecting my teeth when I was old. So, if a tooth is lost, can it be restored?

Movable dentures, fixed bridge restorations, dental implants

Which is your best choice?

In the past, when teeth were missing, people preferred dental implants or fixed bridge restorations. However, due to the trouble of wearing dentures and poor chewing ability, there is now a new restoration technology: dental implants, so that patients with missing teeth can have an experience comparable to natural teeth. . Digital dental implants are even more popular in the dental industry.

3 common ways to restore missing teeth

Dental implants are the best choice for restoration of missing teeth. If the bone condition permits, you can plant as many teeth as there are missing teeth. You can also plant only a few artificial roots as abutment, and use implant fixed bridges to avoid grinding healthy teeth. Used for fixed bridges or movable dentures to repair the uncomfortable, poor aesthetics and low chewing efficiency caused by the restoration.

"Get it today" digital planting

Four major advantages, do you know?

Digital guides guide the way to accurately grasp the timing of planting

Through the panoramic three-dimensional scanning, the bone density, height and width of the patient's gums are collected and accurately positioned, and the implant angle, depth, anastomosis and implant timing are grasped during the operation, and the gums are seamlessly docked, and the implants are accurate and efficient.

3mm minimally invasive incision, implantation in 30 minutes

It can achieve "pull and plant", and planting can be completed in 30 minutes. The dental bone is accurately implanted through a tiny incision (3-4mm), the trauma is reduced to a minimum, there is less bleeding, and the implantation process is minimally invasive and comfortable.

Plants 4 support half-mouth teeth, saves money and is stable

Adopting “bridge type” implants with 1 top 4, 2 vertical implants in the alveolar bone, 2 mid-distal implants are implanted at an oblique angle, only 4 implants can support a row of “arch” The “bridge” crown restores half a good tooth.

High strength, chewing force comparable to real teeth

The “bridge-style” implants are planted with an extremely stable architectural structure, and pure titanium materials with the best medical and human biological properties are selected. Each implant has an “ID card”, and the chewing force of the implant can be restored. More than 90%, comparable to real teeth.

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"Instant" digital dental implant technology is a precision restoration, a high-end technology in oral medicine, and not all dental clinics are capable of performing it.
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