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My teeth have black stains, how can I tell if they are cavities? How to remove

There is black dirt on the teeth, how can I tell if it is tooth decay? First of all, there are many reasons for the black stain on the teeth, and it is necessary to analyze the specific situation to get the conclusion of whether it is tooth decay.

1. Food residue or soft dirt

When we finish eating, some food residues will be left on our teeth, which will form dental calculus and even turn into tooth decay over time, so we must carefully brush our teeth after eating;

2. Pigmentation

Some people like to drink darker drinks such as coffee and cola, or the habit of smoking, these will bring pigmentation to the teeth and form black dirt, which usually requires going to a regular dental hospital for ultrasonic vibration cleaning;

3. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is actually a phenomenon in which teeth are eroded by bacteria and cause caries. This black dirt is caused by bacteria decomposing food residues to produce acidic substances that demineralize teeth, which will destroy the integrity of teeth and make teeth soft. So it must be treated early.

There are many reasons for black dirt on teeth, but each of them can be solved by daily oral cleaning and regular oral examination and care. Therefore, you must protect your teeth, and you must go to a regular dental hospital for regular oral examinations.
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