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What changes does tobacco make to the teeth of the mouth and jaw?

When it comes to tobacco, everyone knows that it is harmful to health, but do you know what oral and maxillofacial harms tobacco can bring?

Let us first look at what a healthy oral tooth looks like?

The main ingredients in tobacco are nicotine, cigarette tar, arsenic, nitrous acid, and even contain some radioactive substances and strong carcinogens. Let's see what changes these substances will bring.

Facial skin changes, relatively non-smokers are prone to aging.

Dental calculus is prone to occur on the surface of teeth and the gingival margin.

Demineralization of tooth surface occurs due to the easy accumulation of stones under the action of bacteria.

Trench mouth, that is, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis.

Teeth wear out, which can happen to people who like to smoke pipes.

Long-term smoke-stained stones that are not cleaned will further cause gum atrophy, alveolar bone resorption, and tooth loosening.

The nicotine in tobacco can cause narrowing of blood vessels and affect wound healing.

Vascular stenosis can affect the healing of the dental implant site and may lead to failure of the dental implant.

Mucosal leukoplakia usually occurs on the side with smoke.

Lip cancer, the harmful substances in tobacco and the temperature of the tobacco are stimulated for a long time.

Tongue cancer occurs mostly in the area stimulated by tobacco.

Thick tongue coating

Tobacco palate usually occurs in individuals who smoke cigars or those who like heavy pipe. This manifestation will disappear after a few weeks of stopping smoking, but it can also cause cancer if it is persistent and severe.

This kind of spot tends to occur in areas that like to chew tobacco, and causes the gums to recede in that area.

In chronic maxillary sinusitis, tobacco causes sensitive swelling of the nasal mucosa, which causes the maxillary sinus to be blocked and cause pain.

Although the symptoms caused by tobacco may not occur to everyone at the same time, there are still different degrees of harm due to the amount of time that individuals smoke tobacco. So, staying away from tobacco is not easy, especially for those who are already addicted.
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