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Dental problems during pregnancy

Many pregnant women will have some problems with their teeth, so why are there gum bleeding and gum swelling and proliferation during pregnancy?

Why is there loud gum bleeding during pregnancy or pregnancy?

Women during pregnancy (pregnancy) may also have some problems with their teeth. During pregnancy, some pregnant women may have symptoms of gum bleeding, or symptoms of gum bleeding may worsen, such as gum bleeding to varying degrees when brushing teeth or eating some food and fruits. Especially after 2-3 months of pregnancy, the bleeding worsened, and after going to the hospital, he was diagnosed as "gingivitis during pregnancy".

The dentist reminds you that the causes of "gingivitis during pregnancy" are:

(1) If there is no inflammation of the gums before pregnancy, pregnancy itself will not cause gingivitis. The occurrence of "gingivitis during pregnancy" is mainly caused by gingivitis before pregnancy, but the symptoms are mild and did not attract attention. After pregnancy, the changes in the level of sex hormones in the body make the original gingivitis worse.

(2) Pregnant women often eat some foods with high protein, high sugar content and relatively high viscosity during pregnancy. Therefore, food residues and soft dirt are easy to accumulate on the tooth surface. The whole pregnancy period is 9 months, which takes a long time and does not pay attention to the oral cavity. Clean, prone to "gingivitis during pregnancy".

What to do with swelling and proliferation of gums during pregnancy (pregnancy)?

The dentist reminds you that in addition to bleeding gums, “gingivitis during pregnancy” can also cause gum swelling and hyperplasia. This swelling and hyperplasia can occur in individual teeth or the entire mouth. It is common in previous teeth, and the gums are red and swollen. Cause bleeding, even spontaneous bleeding in severe cases, affecting eating. Individual gingival swelling and hyperplasia are relatively large, according to its appearance, we often call it "pregnancy tumor". "Pregnancy tumor" usually starts in the third month of pregnancy, and increases rapidly after pregnancy due to changes in the level of sex hormones in the body. After childbirth, the "pregnancy tumor" can gradually shrink on its own, but it cannot completely disappear and return to normal.

The dentist recommends that if you have swollen and proliferated gums or "pregnancy tumors" during pregnancy, you should go to the dental hospital for treatment in time and take the following treatment measures:

(1) Remove local irritating factors such as tartar and soft scale, and determine whether to clean teeth according to the needs of the disease.

(2) At the same time, oral hygiene instructions should be given.

(3) After the above treatment, most of the gingival swelling and hyperplasia or "pregnancy tumors" can be significantly reduced or disappeared.

(4) It is forbidden to use antibiotics and other systemic drugs for anti-inflammatory treatment, so as not to affect the growth of the fetus.

(5) Some large "pregnancy tumors" that hinder eating should be removed surgically. The operation time should be between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy.
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