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My teeth turn black when I drink wine, what should I do?

The girl who drinks wine is elegant and noble, the boy who drinks wine has taste, and we are a group of people who have a pursuit of life. Drinking is enjoyable, but after drinking red wine, the staining of teeth is not so good. It is normal for teeth to turn purple or black after drinking red wine, because red wine contains natural pigments (from grape skin), tannins and acidic substances. The interaction of these three will stain teeth, and the more they come from hot years Or the hotter red wine, the stronger the wine quality, the stronger the coloring ability.

As long as you drink enough, tooth staining seems inevitable, so how can we avoid the embarrassing scene of showing dark or purple teeth?

1. Drink sparkling water

This is a very good way. Many western restaurants provide sparkling water. Sparkling water helps us secrete saliva, and saliva is the bodyguard of the teeth, which can help the teeth resist the attack from the natural pigments of red wine. The more saliva, the better the effect, so be careful not to let your mouth dry out while tasting. You can drink some sparkling water to rinse your mouth and teeth before opening your teeth. This is better than ordinary water. Of course, sparkling water cannot completely remove the red wine stains on the teeth, but it can greatly reduce the degree of tooth staining.

2. Avoid drinking white wine first

At a normal dinner, we all drink white wine first, then red wine. But if you are going to drink a lot of wine or at a large wine tasting, you cannot do this. The acidity of white wine is generally very high. The higher the acidity, the deeper your teeth will be softened, the teeth will become more fragile, and the more likely to be stained when drinking red wine. Consider drinking red wine first, then white wine.

3. Brush your teeth before drinking

The pigment of red wine likes to adhere to dental plaque, so brushing your teeth before drinking can reduce the degree of tooth staining. However, you can drink alcohol immediately after brushing your teeth, because the residual toothpaste smell in your mouth will affect the taste of wine. It is recommended to brush your teeth about 1 hour in advance.

4. Eat high-fiber foods

Eating high-fiber foods when drinking red wine can also help clean the color of your teeth. Because the fiber in food is like a brush, it can remove red wine stains, and it also helps us secrete new saliva. It is better to combine high-fiber foods with sparkling water. Some high-fiber foods include cauliflower, spinach, bracken, shiitake mushrooms, and fungus.

5. Eat more cheese

Eat more cheese and other protein-rich foods, and add calcium to your teeth. The pigment in red wine will not invade your teeth so easily. However, not all cheeses are useful. Hard cheeses have higher calcium content and are more effective, while soft cheeses are not effective. In addition, eating hard cheese is equivalent to putting a layer of wax on the teeth, and the wine will not easily penetrate or adhere to the teeth.

6. Soda water rinse

Soda water is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize the acidic substances in wine. The acid will soften the teeth and make them fragile, so you can drink some soda between two glasses of wine.

7. Use teeth whitening wipes

There is a kind of tooth whitening wipes (Wine Wipes) on the market, which can be used to wipe away red wine stains on teeth and lips.

8. Use teeth whitening pen

Teeth whitening pen can quickly and easily remove red wine stains. However, it should be noted that the tooth whitening pen contains excessive hydrogen peroxide, long-term use will damage the teeth, so it is best not to use it frequently.

9. Don't brush your teeth immediately after drinking

Do not brush your teeth immediately after a lot of wine tasting, as this will increase the possibility of long-term staining of your teeth. Because the acid in wine will soften tooth enamel, brushing at this time can easily destroy the tooth enamel. Therefore, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water only after drinking, and brush your teeth as gently as possible even at night. If it is a tasting activity with more than a hundred styles a day, it is best to wash the mouth repeatedly with only mouthwash.

10. Eat more foods that can strengthen teeth

Milk, cheese, and fortified cereals are rich in calcium, so you can eat more to supplement calcium and strengthen your teeth. Vitamin D in fish, eggs, and mushrooms, as well as vitamin C in strawberries, cauliflower, and cranberries, are good for teeth.

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