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China Dental Laboratory news -The teeth are still good! What should I do if it sucks?

Rotten teeth are what we often call cavities, cavities, and caries. So how does tooth decay come from? Like many oral diseases (such as dental calculus, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.), the culprit of tooth decay is the plaque attached to the surface of the tooth. You must not underestimate it
China Dental Laboratory news -The teeth are still good! What should I do if it sucks?
The formation of dental plaque is very fast, and it can form on the freshly cleaned tooth surface in a few minutes. After about 12 hours, the plaque will initially mature, which is why brushing your teeth sooner or later is recommended. After 10 to 30 days, maturity reaches its peak and begins to become dental calculus. When dental calculus accumulates and is not treated in time, periodontal disease will occur, which will eventually lead to tooth loss.

01, when only a little bit

You don’t feel it ~ brown or black spots or plaques on the teeth, the doctor has a rough feeling or can hook the tip of the probe when checking with the probe. At this time, we need to grind off the decayed part and fill in the filling material.

02, when one-third of the worm

has been decayed to the dentin, and the teeth will be irritating and painful when exposed to hot, sour and sweet. At this time, the development speed of dental caries is very rapid, and we must attach great importance to it.
Suggestion: Check immediately to see if you can fill your teeth. If the decay is serious, you may need root canal treatment.

03, after more than half of the moth

At this time, the tooth decay is already in the advanced stage! Since there is no timely treatment in the early and mid-term, the tooth decay has developed into the dental nerve, and it must be treated at this time.

First check whether the root of the tooth is still there and whether it can withstand the bite. If possible, root canal treatment can be performed. If the root of the tooth fails, then the tooth needs to be extracted. After the wound has recovered, consider inserting the tooth.

04, only the roots and crowns of the teeth are left

When the tooth decay progressed to the end stage, due to the large defect of the tooth structure, the disintegration and the formation of residual roots may be facing the fate of being removed.

In short, if you find a tooth decay, you must repair it in time, don't delay it again and again, otherwise the problems that can be solved by dozens or hundreds will become thousands in the end!
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