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Comparison of laser whitening and cold light whitening of teeth

Nowadays, tooth whitening has increasingly become a hot topic in people's lives. There are many ways to whiten teeth, the more popular ones are cold light whitening and laser whitening, but many people don't know the difference between the two. Share the relevant knowledge and information with everyone, so that all tooth lovers can know before they can get their teeth.
1 The respective principle of action
①Laser whitening
How does laser whitening achieve whitening? The basic principle is laser heating. The laser has a strong ability to be absorbed by water, so it can better excite the bleaching agent rich in water molecules. At the same time, the laser has a relatively large penetration depth, which can remove deep pigments and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.
The whitening process of this technology is very short, it can increase the whiteness of the teeth by 3-4, and the whitening effect can generally be maintained for 3 to 5 years.
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②Cold light whitening
This is a new type of teeth whitening technology very popular in Europe and America. This whitening method first applies an acid-containing bleaching agent (such as hydrogen peroxide) to the teeth, and then uses a special high-intensity blue light (through two optical lenses that have been coated with more than 30 times to block all harmful ultraviolet light and Infrared) irradiation, so that the bleaching agent can pass through the dentin tubules in a relatively short time, and redox effects on the pigments deposited on the surface and deep layers of the teeth for many years, so that the teeth return to their undyed whiteness.
This method is safe and reliable, has no side effects and is fast. It only takes 30 to 40 minutes to get the teeth whitened by 8 gradients each time. The whitening effect can be maintained for more than two years.
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2 Applicable symptom categories

①Cold light whitening
Cold light whitening is suitable for general exogenous pigment stained teeth (coffee stains, tobacco stains, tea stains, etc.), mild to moderate tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth, hereditary yellow teeth, etc. Because a gum protectant is used during treatment to isolate soft tissues to avoid damaging the gums, and the doctor will adjust the treatment parameters according to the patient's response, this treatment method is safe and reliable without side effects.
If the patient can reduce or avoid the consumption of pigmented substances after the operation, the decolorization effect for light and moderately colored teeth can be maintained for 6-8 years, and for mild to moderate tetracycline teeth, it can be improved, and for the treatment of particularly darkly colored teeth The effect is poor, consider doing other types of repairs.
Therefore, the most suitable teeth for this technique are those natural yellow teeth, that is, natural teeth that do not have major dental problems but are stained only by drinking coffee, tea and other foods.
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②Laser whitening
Tooth laser whitening treatment can target the chromophore structure of the deep layer of the teeth, causing oxidation-reduction reactions to generate carbon dioxide and water, and decompose the pigment layer by layer, which not only makes the teeth shiny and bright, but also can affect the teeth. It has the effect of sterilization, thereby eliminating inflammation of the gums, making the enamel harder, and playing a good protective effect on the teeth. Laser whitening adopts advanced laser whitening technology. It only takes 15 minutes to make the mouthful of pigmented teeth white and bright in an instant.

3 Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

①Laser whitening
The technical level is relatively early, the equipment cost is high, and the effect is not as good as cold light whitening. It can only improve teeth by 5 VITA levels.
②Cold light whitening
There is no high heat generated during laser irradiation, and it will not cause irritation to sensitive teeth (even during skin rejuvenation treatment, there will be no burning sensation). At the same time, the teeth after whitening will show a natural crystal clear white color. Cold-light tooth whitening is more expensive than traditional laser tooth whitening, and its validity period is about two years. Cold light whitening can improve teeth by 8-14 VITA levels.
The effect of teeth whitening is a rigorous test for the doctor's technical level and equipment leadership, as well as the qualification of disinfection measures. The doctor of Interdentistry recommends that those who seek whitening must go to a regular clinic with advanced equipment and excellent doctor skills. Don't be greedy for cheapness. Go to some small clinics with outdated equipment and poor doctor skills and disinfection measures. The gain is not worth the loss, but I want to get a cup of teeth.
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