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Why is the gap between teeth getting bigger and bigger? How to solve

Have you suddenly felt that the gap between your teeth has become larger, and that the previously tightly connected teeth are now leaking! Moreover, we often stuff our teeth when we eat, and if we accidentally stick to the gap between the teeth, vegetable residue will be stuck. In serious cases, it will easily cause the teeth to loosen, which will have a serious impact on our beauty and health. So, when did you start eating and stuffing your teeth? Why are there gaps between the neat and compact teeth? How to solve the problem of enlarged teeth? How to brush your teeth correctly? Let China Dental Laboratory take a look at these issues with you!

Reasons for the growing gap between teeth

1. Dental caries: may be caused by periodontal disease or caries.

2. Gingival recession: generally seen in gum recession, which is irreversible, and the focus should be on prevention. Periodontitis, dental calculus, gingivitis, gingival abscess, food impaction, etc., are all causes of stimulating gum recession. In addition, some tooth defects are "V"-shaped. Because their shape resembles a carpenter's wedge, they are also called wedge-shaped wear.

3. The hard tissue structure of the neck of the teeth is weak and easy to wear.

4. The role of acid: Acidic secretions in the gingival sulcus, low saliva PH value, acidic food, acid reflux from stomach problems, and acid exposure may all decalcify and dissolve hard tooth tissues.

5. Toothbrush bristles are too hard: the toothbrush bristles are too hard and often brush your teeth horizontally, which will cause a small gap in the neck of the tooth for a long time. How to fix the gap between teeth


Traditional metal braces: also called ordinary metal braces. It is the most traditional and cheapest orthodontic technique. The material is stainless steel brackets and is widely used. Ceramic bracket appliance: the bracket materials used are all alumina ceramics, which are milky white translucent or completely transparent, consistent with the color of the teeth. It is not easy to be found when worn on the teeth, and it has good concealment on the teeth. The correction process was completed quietly. Bracket-free invisible appliance: Invisible correction technology is made of elastic and transparent polymer materials, does not require brackets and steel wires, is convenient to remove and wear, does not hinder the patient's daily life, and is easy to maintain oral hygiene. The right way to brush your teeth

1. When brushing the posterior teeth of the upper jaw, place the toothbrush on the posterior teeth of the upper jaw so that the bristles are at 45 degrees to the teeth, and then rotate the brush head to brush from top to bottom. Repeat about 10 times for each part, with the same brushing method inside and outside.

2. When brushing the posterior teeth of the lower jaw, place the toothbrush on the posterior teeth of the lower jaw, the bristles are still at a 45-degree angle with the teeth, rotate the brush head, and brush from bottom to top. Repeat about 10 times for each part, the inside and outside brushing methods are the same. 3. The method of lip-face brushing of the front teeth of upper and lower jaw is the same as that of the posterior teeth.

4. When brushing the palatal surface of the upper anterior teeth and the tongue surface of the lower anterior teeth, the toothbrush head can be erected, the upper teeth are brushed from top to bottom, and the lower teeth are brushed from bottom to top. When brushing the occlusal surfaces of the upper and lower teeth, place the toothbrush on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and brush back and forth in a horizontal direction with a little force.

5. Brush your teeth every day. You should brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night, and gargle after meals. Each time you brush your teeth, it takes 3-5 minutes to brush all parts of your teeth. Does dental floss make the gap between teeth bigger?

Using dental floss will not make the gap between the teeth larger. Our teeth have a certain degree of physiological mobility. The dental floss produced by regular manufacturers is very small and can be inserted between the two teeth using the slight mobility of the teeth. Therefore, dental floss will not support the gap between the teeth. The real reason for the enlargement of the gap between the teeth is precisely the recession of the gums and the displacement of the teeth caused by the gaps not being cleaned.

It is recommended to develop good oral hygiene habits, rinse your mouth after meals, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and keep your mouth clean and hygienic. In addition, doing an annual dental cleaning and full mouth health check can also prevent periodontitis and reduce the risk of enlarged teeth!
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