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China Dental Laboratory tell us What is the use of small attachments on invisible correction teeth?

One of the most frequently asked questions by many orthodontists after wearing invisible braces is "What is the use of the small bumps that stick to the teeth?" If you don't look closely, you won't find its existence.

China Dental Laboratory tell us What is the use of small attachments on invisible correction teeth?

In this issue, let’s talk about the “accessory” regardless of its small size, it is actually the handle in the invisible braces!

1. What is an attachment?

Essential aids

The three core factors that affect the effect of invisible correction are: the doctor's professional skills (plan design and clinical operation); the expression effect of the appliance; and the patient's cooperation.

A very important part of the expression effect of the appliance is the design of the accessories!

Invisible braces attachments are small bumps that stick to the teeth. An attachment corresponds to a tooth, because the attachment is to retain the braces and influence the direction of the force. Whether the design of the accessories is reasonable, whether the paste is in place, and the degree of fit with the tooth surface and braces will all affect the final correction time and effect.

what's the effect?

1. Enhanced retention. The attachments are like small dowels, which can better fix the braces on the teeth and make the braces fit the teeth closer.

2. Strengthen braces to exert force on teeth. Better control of the direction of the orthodontic force allows the braces to more accurately control the movement of the teeth.

Different types of attachments exert different forces, and the design of attachments has very scientific rules.

As above, 1/2/3 is a rectangular attachment, 4 is a retention attachment, and 5/6/7 is a correction torsion attachment

The attachment falls off?

Generally, the attachments play a complementary role. Occasionally one or two falling off will not affect the treatment effect. The reasons for falling off are mostly caused by improper cleaning and eating. You should pay more attention in daily life;

If the attachment frequently falls or falls off too much, you need to follow up for repair in time to avoid affecting the correction effect. In addition, if the braces are worn, you can wear the current braces until the next follow-up visit, or contact your orthodontist to send it. .


1. In order to prevent the physical attachment from falling off, do not use brute force when removing the braces daily.

2. It is recommended to eat less food or beverages that are easy to deposit pigments and brush your teeth thoroughly.

3. In normal times, try to eat less shelled and hard things to prevent from getting into the accessories.

If the attachment accidentally falls off, seek a doctor to re-bond it as soon as possible. If the attachment falls off, the corresponding tooth will lose control. If the space is large, it may rebound and affect the correction process. But before bonding, the braces can be worn normally.
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