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What is a zirconia all-ceramic crown?


Zirconia all-ceramic tooth is a kind of all-ceramic porcelain tooth. Because its internal structure material is zirconia ceramic, it is called zirconia all-ceramic tooth.



Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are the strongest type of dental restoration, so it is used to repair teeth that are not prone to chipping. Secondly, it can be used for cosmetics and repair of missing teeth. It can repair multiple teeth. That is, it can be used for the restoration of consecutive teeth.


The current zirconia all-ceramic teeth are made with computer CAD-CAM technology, that is, laser scanning, computer-aided design, and three-dimensional CNC professional machine tools to process suitable crowns or bridges.


Zirconia all-ceramic teeth can be used for cosmetics and restoration of missing teeth, and can repair multiple teeth. It is a design that emphasizes the overall thinking, so the tooth shape is realistic. Its color is natural and realistic, and it looks very similar to real teeth. And zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth have excellent biocompatibility, so using it to repair teeth will not cause gum inflammation.

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