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Advantages of zirconia all-ceramic teeth


1 little radiation


Zirconium oxide is a mineral that exists as plagioclase in nature. The medical zirconia has been cleaned and processed, with a small amount of alpha rays remaining in the zirconium. Its penetration depth is very small, only 60 microns.


2 High density, high strength, no metal inner crown.


Unique resistance to cracking and strong curing performance after cracking can produce more than 6 units of porcelain bridges, solving the problem that all all-ceramic systems cannot be long bridges. Although there is no metal support, it has high strength, the refractive index is basically close to that of natural teeth, the edges are dense and the precision is high, and it has an excellent aesthetic effect.

 Zirconium oxide

3 Excellent aesthetic effect


The successful all-ceramic tooth restoration is realistic and beautiful in appearance, strong and wear-resistant. Its color is similar to natural teeth. It has good biocompatibility, does not stimulate oral tissues, and is easy to clean. It can restore the function of teeth and have a cosmetic effect. The most important thing is that all porcelain teeth have good transparency and refractive properties, and no black lines appear on the tooth neck, so that the neck can also achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is unmatched by general porcelain teeth.

4 the most reliable


No metal odor, micro oxide film will be produced quickly when contacting with air, water or any other electrolyte, not only to avoid metal corrosion, but also to prevent the generation of metal odor.


5 Good biocompatibility

Zirconia is an excellent high-tech biomaterial with good biocompatibility and superior to various metal alloys, including gold. Zirconium oxide has no irritation and no allergic reaction to the gums, so it is suitable for oral cavity, avoiding allergic, irritation, corrosion and other adverse reactions caused by metal in the oral cavity.


6 extremely high quality

Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are not only because of their materials and expensive equipment, but also because they use the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and then controlled by computer programs. It ensures the accuracy of the in-mold crown and excellent edge tightness, making the porcelain teeth fit the abutment in the patient's mouth, which greatly reduces the incidence of root inflammation after restoration.

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