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How to choose the suitable porcelain tooth material?


Everyone wants to have white and bright teeth, but the teeth of many people in daily life will always have such problems. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous development of medical care, people pay more attention to teeth. , So how to choose the porcelain tooth material that suits you?

Types of

First, the material of porcelain teeth: There are many types of porcelain teeth. The mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, biocompatibility and aesthetics of porcelain teeth of different materials are very different.

porcelain teeth

Metal porcelain teeth: According to the different materials and manufacturing process of the inner crown, it is divided into ordinary porcelain, shoulder porcelain, titanium alloy porcelain, gold-plated porcelain and precious metal porcelain.

Cobalt-chromium alloy porcelain teeth: It is a typical non-precious metal porcelain teeth.

Pure titanium porcelain teeth: Titanium metal is a biological metal, which is characterized by no toxic and side effects on the human body and good biocompatibility.

Second,zirconium oxide all-ceramic teeth: All-ceramic teeth have the characteristics of perfect tight edges, no gingival inflammation, and no blocking of X-rays. The biocompatibility is superior to various metal crowns, and it can obtain a long-lasting clinical repair effect.

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