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Full Contour Zirconia

We are a Chinese dental factory. We provide custom-made dental service for dental institutions at home and abroad, and provide oem service for other dental factories. Zirconia is one of our main products. Made from materials certified by FDA and the European Union. We supply full contour zirconia, layered zirconia porcelain and multilevel full contour zirconia. Crowns, bridge, veneer, inlay will be the best choice for you.

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Product Description

Full Contour Zirconia

Full contour zirconia that we supply can reach to 49% in translucency to meet the requirements of anterial aesthetic restoration. We test the material by three-point bending and it is with more than 900Mpa.

Material: Aidite, Superfectzir HT, ST, SHT

Sintered Density ≥ 6.0g/cm³

Bending Strength ≥ 900Mpa

Fracture Toughness 5Mpam 1/2

Hardness (HV10) 1250

Zirconia Characteristic:


1. Natural color. Compared with the traditional porcelain teeth, the color of zirconia porcelain teeth is naturally bright and clean, with realistic appearance and strong transparency.

2. Good biocompatibility. There is no stimulation and allergic reaction to gingiva, and it will not form gingival black line. It is very suitable for oral application, avoiding the adverse stimulation such as allergy, stimulation, corrosion and so on caused by traditional metal porcelain teeth in oral cavity.

3. The strength and hardness of teeth are high. The unique fracture resistance and the strong curing performance after fracture make the tooth stronger.

4. High precision, good edge tightness. Zirconia ceramic teeth ensure the accuracy of the internal crown and excellent edge sealing, so that the made ceramic teeth fit well with the patient's internal abutment teeth.

Zirconia ceramic tooth is an excellent high-tech biomaterial. Good biocompatibility, superior to all kinds of metal alloys, including gold. Moreover, it has no stimulation and allergic reaction to gingiva, natural feeling of tooth color and inconspicuous crown edge, which are also the benefits of using zirconia all ceramic restoration.

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